16 July 2011

Pulp Magazine Covers - Dime Detective

Dime Detective Magazine Covers

Dime Detective Magazine

Pulp magazines (aka pulp fiction) refers to inexpensive fiction magazines which were published from 1896 up until the 1950s. These magazines were sold by the millions and depicted villains, heroes and damsels in distress. During the pulp fiction era, some of America’s finest pop artists created countless original artworks which adorned the covers of these magazines.

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Photo Source: Newhousedesigns

The popularity of pulp magazines was overshadowed by the emergence of television in the 1950s.

Dime Detective magazine is a classic example of the pulp genre. This magazine series was one of the most popular and long-running of the pulp detective genre. The magazine ran from 1931 to 1953 with 274 issues being published.

Dime Detective, Pulp Magazine - 1939, January


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